1. Advanced Teaching and Performance Principles

Originally presented as a formal address by Phillip de Fremery at the First American Guitar Congress, Eliot Fisk, President; to the general assembly as a member of the June 11, 1986 Symposium, Advanced Teaching and Performance Principles. Panelists, in addition to the author, were Clare Callahan, Bruce Holzman, Richard Provost, Dr. Ronald Purcell, Jeffrey Van, and Aaron Shearer, Moderator. Reprinted (Spring 1987) by and available through SOUNDBOARD, official quarterly of the Guitar Foundation of America, (1987) P. O. Box 1240, Claremont, California 91711.


2. Transcripciones

By Andrés Segovia

In one volume, the 56 previously unpublished performance editions of Andrés Segovia. Taken from the recordings by Phillip de Fremery. Published by Bèrben, 2001; Angelo Gilardino, editor. Foreword by Phillip de Fremery.


3. Segovia’s Unpublished Transcriptions

By Phillip de Fremery

A full reprint of the Foreword to Transcripciones by Andrés Segovia (please see no. 2 above) in the Guitar Review special edition, A Tribute to Andrés Segovia. Issue no. 125, of November 2002, available through Albert Augustine, Ltd., 151 West 26th Street, New York, New York 10001.


4. The Examined Life

A new literary magazine, issue of Fall 2003. Includes a second reprinting of Advanced Teaching and Performance Principles (please see No. 1 above). Available through P.O. Box 361, Amherst, Massachusetts, 01004.

Phillip de Fremery